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Year 2000-2001: Kohli Enterprise was established and had kept its milestone of being a leading brand in the aviation industry manufacturing Airborne Stores under the guidance of Mr. Mukesh K Kohli having a vide experience of above 35 years.

Year 2001-2002: The main product line was manufacture of Cords. We achieved great excellence in the same field and never looked back since.

Year 2003: A new product range was added to the unit i.e. “ Manufacture of Tapes and Webbings”.

Year 2004: Led to introduction of manufacture of Parachutes and its components within the unit. A product that completely led to vision of high aims and confidence to achieve the same.

Year 2006: Marked the joining of Mr. Kanav Kohli. After completion of BSc. Hons in Marine and Composite Technology from University of Plymouth, he had worked with one of the leading yacht manufacturers in UK and soon was involved in manufacture of carbon composite wings for the first complete composite Aircraft of India.

Soon the era begun when we started manufacturing Speciality fibre tapes and cords. The same was used for manufacture of composite hockey sticks, cricket bats and various other sports equipment besides in parachutes and their accessories.

Year 2006-2007: New products added i.e. Manufacture of Cargo underslung nets, lashing nets and various other Nets.

Year 2010 Commenced export of parachutes.

Year 2011-2013: A big achievement when we successfully manufactured cargo parachutes having a circumference of 132 mtrs of one canopy and its having 5 canopy.


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